What to Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze

The UK’s ‘Get Ready for Winter Campaign’ is geared towards reminding homeowners to take drastic steps against frozen and burst water pipes during the holiday season. An emergency such as burst water pipes has never been a welcome event during festivities. So, to be prepared for any surprises, here is what to do if your water pipe freezes.

Shut off your stop-tap

Your stop tap is the main supply point of water flow into your home. Shutting it off in the event of a burst pipe will save you from extra cleaning work. It will also save you some extra cash to perhaps spend on gifts during Christmas. After cutting off the connection, you can begin to attend to thawing the frozen pipeline.

Contact a plumber

A plumber will assess the situation and use a thawing machine to melt the ice stuck within the pipes. When this is done, they will recommend insulating your lines to prevent a recurrence. This is known as lagging – a foam-like material wrapped around pipes and water tanks to conserve heat. However, if the frozen pipe led to a burst, you should be ready for repair work.

Keep your faucets open

Melting ice will leak, and depending on the size of the ice blockade, you may have little or large volumes of water to flush out the pipes. It is worth knowing that during the thawing process, steam and water will be created. Therefore, keeping your tap open creates an avenue for melted ice to leak safely.These simple tips would help you deal with your frozen pipes while ensuring you and your home are safe this winter.