Boiler losing pressure? Common causes and how to fix them

Is your boiler losing pressure? Boiler pressure describes the balance of water and air in your heating system. If this changes then it can lead to problems with both your heating and your water. You could certainly start to hear a lot of complaints through your house. Your boiler pressure needs to stay at the right level. So, why might your boiler pressure drop? Well, there are a couple possibilities.

Sprung A Leak

A boiler and heating system is sealed. If one of the seals fails, then the pressure will change as either air or water leak out. To address this issue, you need to identify where the leak is. You will then need to call in a Gas Safe registered engineer to fix the leak for you. Attempting to fix this yourself can lead to more problems.Do note that it is also possible that the boiler itself is leaking. If you want to check this, you should remove the cover of your boiler. If there is a leak, then there will be water dripping from the boiler. Again, this won’t be something you can easily fix yourself. You will need the support of a professional.

Internal Component Trouble

Finally, it’s possible that the issue is due to an internal fault in the boiler system. Since this is completely hidden, you will need to ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to check for this problem if you notice a problem with the pressure.The good news is that a problem with the pressure isn’t dangerous. But it’s still worth looking into because it will cause problems with your water and your heating.

Signs your boiler might need replacing

Boiler systems constitute a significant part of any home. They provide hot water and heating to the entire house. Therefore, it is essential to know when you need a new boiler because it will save you money in the long run and prevent future problems that may arise from old equipment. Here are some signs that your boiler might need replacing:

The pilot light stays on constantly or goes off sporadically

A boiler that does not have a constant flame is going to be inefficient. Also, if the pilot light goes on and off, this means there are problems with your gas line or electrical system that need attention as soon as possible.If you see a problem like this, it's essential to call a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately! A faulty appliance can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if left unattended for too long. Carbon Monoxide has no smell and is impossible to detect without working equipment. Some people don't even know they've been poisoned until symptoms start showing up days later!

There is no response from the control panel after pressing the buttons

If you're pressing buttons on your control panel and there is no reaction, this means that either the electrical system or the gas line is faulty. These components need to be replaced as soon as possible, so they do not continue to cause problems with other parts of your boiler! Be sure to call an expert if you see any signs of malfunctioning in these areas because it could lead to serious health risks down the road.If you see any of these signs, it is vital to call an expert immediately. A faulty appliance can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, and some people don't even know they've been poisoned until symptoms start showing up days later!

How an efficient boiler can reduce your carbon footprint

It's not often that a home appliance can make you feel good about yourself, but an efficient boiler is one of those rare exceptions. Today's boilers are more environmentally friendly than ever, and they also save homeowners money on their utility bills! So, if it's been a while since you have considered replacement or efficiency for your old boiler, then now is the time to do it. We will go into detail about how environment-friendly they are and how much money you can save by getting a new boiler in this blog post!The environment would benefit from new boilers because they emit less carbon dioxide. They are also more efficient than older models and will save money on our utility bills! Modern boilers have been designed with the environment in mind - many of them use renewable resources to produce heat for your home or business. In addition, some companies offer a lifetime warranty on all of their boilers. Replacing an inefficient boiler can also save you up to £300 a year in heating costs!Did you know that every time the temperature drops below freezing, your old boiler has to work 50% harder? That's because it needs to produce heat for cold days and also keep your home warm for when the temperature rises. Newer boilers can be more efficient because they use less fuel and water to produce heat. They are also more environmentally friendly, which is excellent news!So cut yourself and the environment some slack; ask your local quailed heating engineer to install a new efficient boiler today and reap the fruits of this great investment!

Why aren't my radiators getting as hot as they used to?

If your radiators aren’t as efficient as they once were, you may be wondering why they aren’t getting as hot as they once did. Here are a few things that could be happening:

Your valves are turned off 

Radiators have valves, which need to be turned on if they are to do their job of heating your home correctly. If you’ve noticed your radiators are colder than normal check the valves. If they aren’t turned on, you can simply remedy that, or if they’re stuck or broken, call a plumber to arrange replacement.

Your boiler is broken 

Boiler making a noise? Water not heating up? Radiators not very efficient? Sounds like you may have a boiler problem, and you will need to call a qualified heating engineer to come and check it out.

You need to bleed 

Bleeding of radiators is something that you should do periodically to prevent trapped air from causing a problem. If you need to bleed your heating system, chances are your radiators will be hot at the bottom and cold at the top.

You have a sludge problem 

Sludge builds up in radiators over time. Rendering their lower-half cold and the hole heating system inefficient. A qualified heating engineer can quickly flush them and get them working optimally again.If you would like a professional to look at your heating system and fix your radiators, you’ll be in safe hands with M Spencer Plumbing & Heating. Get in touch with them here.

How a New Boiler Can Save You Money

Each year thousands of people across the UK have new boilers installed in their homes. For some, the reason is simply to replace an old or non-functioning boiler.But, for others, the upgrade happens because they wish to take advantage of the numerous benefits new boilers offer. One of the advantages of upgrading to a new boiler is because it saves homeowners money. Here’s why:


The first fact to note about new boilers is they are highly efficient at what they do. Today’s modern combi boilers, for example, provide heating and hot water when required and don’t require a hot water tank to achieve that goal.Thanks to their efficiency, combi boilers will also help lower a household’s carbon footprint compared with an older-style boiler.

On-Demand Hot Water 

Another advantage of a new boiler is that it only produces hot water on demand. You don’t need to wait for a tank to fill up with water and then get subsequently heated before you can enjoy hot water through your taps.You’ll save lots of money because you only need to heat water when required, instead of keeping a large tank constantly hot.

Lower Maintenance Costs 

Lastly, a new boiler can also save you money over the cost of your ownership due to its low maintenance costs. Today’s modern combi boilers are constructed with high-quality parts, and they also get designed to avoid the build-up of sludge.That means you’re unlikely to need an emergency heating engineer that can fix such problems if you get left without any heating or hot water.Contact M. Spencer Plumbing and Heating on 01246 550912 or 07891 817026 to discuss the other potential cost savings of getting a new boiler for your home and for a free, no-obligation quote.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000

Do you need a more affordable and space-saving combi boiler? The Greenstar 2000 has one of the best value price points for a high-quality boiler and is built for apartments and small to medium-sized homes. This boiler is designed to run as quietly as possible, which is ideal if you have don’t have the free space to tuck the boiler away. In fact, this boiler has been made to slide comfortably in between most standard kitchen cabinets, for a neater look. If you go for a Greenstar 2000 combi boiler, you will also get a 5-year guarantee, with any boiler installer. A 6-year guarantee is also available with a Greenstar System Filter. Remember to make sure you have read all the terms and conditions before you choose what to buy to make sure you qualify for the offer. One of the big selling points of the Greenstar 2000 is that you get the quality Bosch is known for, at a low price point. The boiler is perfect for smaller homes and will fit very neatly between your wall-mounted kitchen cupboards and keep quiet while it’s running. In fact, it’s the quietest boiler that Worcester Bosch have made. The boiler can also help you to reduce the amount of water that you waste, thanks to an innovative Quick Tap water-saving feature. Activate this clever feature with a simple open and close of the hot water tap. The Greenstar 2000 boiler is ideal for small to medium-sized homes, with just the one bathroom

How to save money on your energy bills this year

One of the most common bills that many of us have to deal with is our energy bill. The amount of money that we spend on energy in our homes throughout the year can often add up incredible quickly. Luckily, there are always things that you can do to reduce the amount that you spend on energy this year.

Double glazing 

Double glazing is one of the simplest, and yet most effective ways to reduce your energy costs. The amount of heat that escapes through your windows is genuinely shocking and being able to prevent that means that you’re going to have to spend a whole lot less energy heating your home.

More efficient appliances 

Unless you’re planning on washing all of your clothes and dishes by hand every day, your appliances are an essential part of your home. That being said, they also use a whole lot of energy which can be a big problem. There are, however, plenty of appliances that are a lot more energy efficient than the ones that you may already be using that can save you a whole lot of energy and money.

Change your behaviour 

One of the easiest things that you can do if you want to start saving money on your energy bills is to change your own behaviour. Things like leaving lights on, leaving your heating on all the time, and running water for extended periods can all drive up your energy bills massively. By making some small changes you can brings those bills right down.

Simply put… How does a boiler work?

Boilers, we couldn’t be without them! With the benefit of nearly instant home heat and hot water on demand, we have these to thank for a life that our ancestors would be jealous of.Whether you’re looking for a new boiler or are simply curious about the one you’ve got, finding out how a boiler works is always worthwhile. And it’s not too difficult to get your head around.

How a boiler works - the basics

On a fundamental level, a boiler is a furnace which burns fuel (in this case either gas or oil) to heat water by a heat exchanger. That water is then pumped through your home for toasty radiators and lovely hot water whenever you need it.

Understanding the different models on the market

Things do, of course, get a little more complex when you consider that there are many different types of boiler. Which suits your needs will depend on a range of considerations, including the size of the boiler you want, the efficiency rating you desire, and the number of rooms you need heating. Fundamentally, though, the predominant boiler types you’ll want to consider include -

  • Combi-boilers, provide heat and hot water without water tanks
  • Conventional boilers, that heat water and is stored in a hot water tank
  • System boilers, effectively offer combi-boiler benefits in conventional boiler style

To find out more please get in contact so we can install the dream boiler for your home in no time.

What to Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze

The UK’s ‘Get Ready for Winter Campaign’ is geared towards reminding homeowners to take drastic steps against frozen and burst water pipes during the holiday season. An emergency such as burst water pipes has never been a welcome event during festivities. So, to be prepared for any surprises, here is what to do if your water pipe freezes.

Shut off your stop-tap

Your stop tap is the main supply point of water flow into your home. Shutting it off in the event of a burst pipe will save you from extra cleaning work. It will also save you some extra cash to perhaps spend on gifts during Christmas. After cutting off the connection, you can begin to attend to thawing the frozen pipeline.

Contact a plumber

A plumber will assess the situation and use a thawing machine to melt the ice stuck within the pipes. When this is done, they will recommend insulating your lines to prevent a recurrence. This is known as lagging – a foam-like material wrapped around pipes and water tanks to conserve heat. However, if the frozen pipe led to a burst, you should be ready for repair work.

Keep your faucets open

Melting ice will leak, and depending on the size of the ice blockade, you may have little or large volumes of water to flush out the pipes. It is worth knowing that during the thawing process, steam and water will be created. Therefore, keeping your tap open creates an avenue for melted ice to leak safely.These simple tips would help you deal with your frozen pipes while ensuring you and your home are safe this winter.